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About Us

Intrepid Fox Gaming is the leading and fastest-growing esports Club in Greece, established in 2018.

Currently focused on League of Legends, Hearthstone, Valorant, Clash Royale, and various other forms of recreational broadcasting. Intrepid Fox, created, manages, and operates three professional esports teams.

Our League of Legends team within 8 months from its creation participated in the Major League with other top regional European teams. Our Hearthstone team, having already participated in most major Hearthstone tournaments, achieved the top 10 rankings worldwide.

We are currently designing and developing our own gaming events which aim at extending action further from the mainstream gaming-esports scene. The first event has already taken place in our bar “Intrepid Fox”.



To contact us email us directly at one of the following emails:

GENERAL: intrepidfoxgaming@gmail.com
INFORMATION: info@intrepidfoxgaming.com
SPONSORSHIPS: sponsorships@intrepidfoxgaming.com
CAREERS: careers@intrepidfoxgaming.com